Render Box Studio Free V-Ray materials

This site provide up to 82 free vray materials for 3Ds Max (brushed metal, dark wall, concrete, tree bark, weathered brick, dirty asphalt, wire,road,copper, water etc..). These all materials have been used in professional work.

CG Advertising Free Materials

It is a large vray material library which provide collection of vRay materials based on textiles, bricks, metals, wallpaper, glasses, concrete, wood, leather, skin, fur, stones and tiles.

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V-Ray Library (Registration needed)

Vray materials sharing community with awesome design.

vray-materials.de (Registration needed)

This is a vray material sharing community. So you can find collection of materials based on various categories (architecture, automotive, cloth, food, glass, liquid, metal, organic, plastics, sss special, stone, transparent, special effects, unrealistic, vray fur, wood and V-Ray 1.5).

135 Basic Free VRay materials for 3Ds Max

Collection of high quality free materials. You can use these materials for both personal and commercial use.

12 Free VRay materials

Free VRay materials for beginners include various metals and glasses.
VRay 1.50 materials for 3Ds Max 9.

Wirecase Free V-Ray Materials

Free glass,metal, wood,water, paint, plastics and masonry V-Ray material for 3Ds max 8. .mat files.

Aversis Free V-Ray materials

4 premium like free materials (shiny plastic, chrome, noce paraline polished and glass clear).

Cadnav Vray materials

Free fabric, cotton, silk, sofa and wall materials.

Free Vray and Mental Ray Pool water Materials for 3DS Max

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